Music & Sound Design

Musical Concept, Sound Design, Music, Co-Development of the App / Project: Bandimal / Award: Apple Design Award 2018

Audio Logo / Director: Dennis Hoogstad / Production: The Playground Studio / Client: MPA

Sound Design & Music for Kids TV Series Teaser / Director & Client: Recircle Animation Studio

Sound Design & Music / Director: Lucas Zanotto / Client: Paulig

Musical Concept, Music, Sound Design, Co-Development of the App / Project: Loopimal / 2016 Apple Editors' Choice Worldwide

Music & Sound Design / Director: Dennis Hoogstad

Sound Design / Project: Miximal / Best Of 2014 in Apple's Appstore

Sound Design / Project: Drawnimal / Featured in the Apple Spot Parenthood in 2014 / App of the Week & Best of 2013 in the AppStore

Sound Design & Music / Director: Lucas Zanotto / Client: Passion Pictures

Music & Sound Design / Director: Wethinkthings

Soundtrack for Contemporary Dance Piece / Choreographer: Michael Turinsky

Soundtrack & Sound Design / Director: Louis Morton

Sound Design & Music / Director: Lucas Zanotto / Client: Supernauts

Sound Design & Music / Client: Orange Cote d'Ivoire

Sound Design & Music / Director: Nicolas Mahler / Client: Suhrkamp Verlag

Soundtrack & Sound Design / Director: Nicolas Mahler

Morse Code Music / Director & Animation: Veronika Schubert

Soundtrack for Exhibition Movie / Client: KHM - Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna

4Bit Studio

Hello, my name is Ulrich Troyer. I am a composer, musician and sound designer who is running the 4Bit Studio since 2001. I've specialized in using analogue synthesizers and effects combined with traditional instruments and everyday sounds to create sound design & music.

The black & white picture shows a portrait of Ulrich Troyer, behind him you can see a section of his 4Bit Studio - the background is  blurred by the Depth-of-Field blur effect: from left to right you can distinguish turntables, cables, a mixer,  different monitor-speakers, a laptop, a modular synthesizer, on the wall in the background you can see acoustic absorber panels. The picture was taken by daylight by Viennese Photographer Eva Kelety.

Photo by Eva Kelety

If you are interested in my music released since 2000 you can listen, download & buy Vinyl, CD's & merch at my record label's website or stream my complete discography on Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal or your favorite streaming-platform (browse for "Ulrich Troyer"). Further information about releases, current live-dates and DJ-Sets you can find on my personal website

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Instruments & Tools

My favorite tools for creating music & sound design are analogue synthesizers and keyboards. I love to add reverb, filter- and delay-effects to create organic textures and surprising sound effects.

I play classical, acoustic and electric guitar, electric bass, piano and various percussion instruments, objects and gadgets to create sounds.

When recording foley work and sound design effects, I like to improvise to the picture and use these recordings as basis for more detailed edits to the picture later on. The final sound design is a combination of live-recordings and synthesized sounds, multi-layered and manipulated in the computer to sculpt the final organic and unique sound effect.

My recording setup includes a collection of large and small diaphragm cardioid microphones, various dynamic micorphones, a large diaphragm tube microphone, a phantom-powered ribbon microphone and various hardware pre-amps, EQs and compressors.


Music & Sound Design
Composition & Arrangement
Beats & Riddims
Dub Versions & Remixes
Record Production
Soundscapes for Exhibitions
Multichannel Soundinstallations
Recording & Mixing


“Absolutely fab.“
- The Guardian on LOOPIMAL

“BANDIMAL is the world’s cutest app for kids to make music“
- Fastcodesign on BANDIMAL

- Forbes on BANDIMAL

“And parents can exhale: Austrian composer Ulrich Troyer designed and composed all of BANDIMAL’s sounds in the key of C and around the pentatonic scale, imbuing all its outputs with a pleasant quality.“

“Superb visuals & audio-loops!“

“Slaptastic soundeffects“

“Packed with effortless charm!“
- Cartoonbrew on MIXIMAL

“BANDIMAL is a terrific app for young kids to experiment with music and rhythm. With an intuitive interface, kids can create great-sounding tunes without needing to possess any musical knowledge. The melodies have an upbeat, electronic feel, and kids will surely giggle at the sight of the animals getting stretched and squished to match the beat. Highly recommended.“
- Geeks With Juniors, Blog

“The other bit of brilliance inside the app is that you can’t make anything that sounds bad. Ulrich Troyer designed the entire sonic experience around the sharps-and-flats-less key of C and the pentatonic scale (which features five notes rather than the typical seven you know from minor or major scales). As a result, creating dissonance is impossible. Such a framework takes rule-bending, jazz creations off the table, but then again, it lets you score a whale, panda, and a chicken together with ease. At the end of the day, what could be more fun than that?“
- Mark Wilson on BANDIMAL, Fastcodesign

DOLOMITE DUB featured as #6 in the Top 10 DUB & REGGAE columnists' charts of 2019
- Steve Barker, THE WIRE

DEADLOCK VERSIONS featured as #10 in the Top 10 DUB & REGGAE columnists' charts of 2015
- Steve Barker, THE WIRE


2019 Digital Ehon Award, Tokyo, Japan / Special Jury Prize: NANAKO ISHIDO PRIZE for BANDIMAL
(with Ilari Niitamo & Lucas Zanotto)
2018 APPLE DESIGN AWARD for BANDIMAL (with Ilari Niitamo & Lucas Zanotto)
2014 "Pädi-Award" for the kids app MIXIMAL (with Niels Hoffmann & Lucas Zanotto)
2002 Recognition Award for the project “Audio-Timetable“, art-within-architecture competition “Marie Curie“
(with Josef Rainer)
2000 Honorary mention Prix ars electronica for the EP “NOK“, category digital music
1999 Honorary mention “Max Brand Preis“, Phonotaktik

Clients Feedback

"Ulrich is an incredibly talented composer, an excellent manager and a great person. He is well organized, insanely creative and it is a real pleasure to work with him."
- Denis Alenti / Producer, Author, Director @ Recircle Animation Studio (Zagreb, Croatia)

“Reliable, attentive & with startling solutions at hand!“
- Armin Blasbichler / Architect & Artist (Basel, Switzerland)

“Highly recommended as composer & collaborative artist!“
- Robert Clark / Choreographer (London, United Kingdom)

“Ulrich delivers lovely work, with a very professional yet personal approach.“
- Dennis Hoogstad / Director, Illustrator and Animator (Delft, Netherlands)

“Highly professional and fun collaboration. A humble perfectionist!“
- Nicolas Mahler / Graphic Artist (Vienna, Austria)

“Top musician! Top Sound Designer! Great Teamwork!“
- Lucas Zanotto / Designer, Animator and short-film Director (Helsinki, Finland)

Clients List

Architekturstiftung Suedtirol, Bolzano (Italy)
Armin Blasbichler, Basel (Switzerland)
Dennis Hoogstad, Den Haag (Netherlands)
Filmarchiv Austria, Vienna (Austria)
Georg Blaschke, Vienna (Austria)
Stefan Holaus, Luzern (Switzerland)
Karwan, Vienna (Austria)
Kulturabteilung, Bozen (Italy)
Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna (Austria)
LANG FILM, Freienstein (Switzerland)
Liz King, Pinkafeld (Austria)
Louis Morton, Los Angeles (USA)
Lucas Zanotto, Helsinki (Finland)
MPA, Lodon (UK)
Michael Fliri, Milano (Italy)
Michael Turinsky, Vienna (Austria)
Nicolas Mahler, Vienna (Austria)
Orange, Abidjan (Cote d'Ivoire)
Passion Pictures, London (England)
ORF - OE1 Kunstradio, Vienna (Austria)
ORF - musikprotokoll, Graz (Austria)
Paulig, Helsinki (Finland)
Raphael Barth (Golden Girls), Vienna (Austria)
Recircle Animation Studio, Zagreb (Croatia)
Robert Clark, London (England)
Suhrkamp Verlag, Berlin (Germany)
Supernauts, Helsinki (Finland)
The Playground Studio, London (UK)
Tomas Danielis, Bratislava (Slovakia)
TWOF2, Vienna (Austria)
Veronika Schubert, Vienna (Austria)
Viennale, Vienna (Austria)
Wethinkthings, Hamburg (Germany)


Ulrich Troyer
Mobile Phone: +43 699 10 700 881 (Austria)

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